How to Become InstaFamous- Page Optimization

Just Imagine you are eager to go to a candy store, ‘Queue to mouth-water’,

and you have already made a big list of candies you want to buy and Now! You are in front of the Big Pink And Blue candy store,

But as soon as you enter the store, “WTH is this!” comes out your mouth, because inside the store you find are empty, broken and tattered shelves, with just a few old Jars of candy. Upsetting right?

I feel the same when I entre few Instagram pages. Not because of their content or images but the profile and Bio, as they don’t match to what they do or serve. A viewer can be converted into potential follower by just looking at your profile. They look who you are, what you provide and how they are benefited.

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Things To Do While Setting An Instagram Page

1. Profile Picture 

Do not upload any type of profile pictures. Upload the one, which look a bit professional and has a high end quality Picture. Which shows clearly who you are.    

2. Creative Bio

“I am Mamta, I do blogging, I am 22 yr. old, and love reading” & let me tell you, this is plain boring. That’s what most pages bio are and the most unattractive description about you and your company or service you give. Because readers are not interested in what you do rather what you provide to benefit them. Instead describe who you are, what you do and how others are benefited through it. Something like “I help creative people to increase their business + grow their sales + live coaching” It’s what people want, ‘what you provide to them.’

3. Layout Of The Page

Yes the layout. How do you post? Just randomly? Then start organizing them from today itself. Layout basically means In which pattern do you post or the color schemes do you use. Just have a look at this pages and say won’t you go and check the whole page or like?

Just use your imagination and build creative & mesmerizing layout, nothing complicated but just beautiful yet simple. Because this method has potential to gain viewers’ attention. Try to keep light colors for the layout rather than dark as light colors gives positive vibes (no offence to dark color lovers , I am black lover too!)


Don’t just sit now! Start Organizing your profiles and use your hidden creativity here.

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Mamta Bagrecha

(Blogger| Digital Marketer)