Are you posting constantly but don’t have any engagement on any of your posts? 

Do you have a low follower list? Are You are getting unfollowed daily? Even when you have great content!

Oh My! That’s crazy!

Don’t worry, I Mamta Bagrecha is here at the rescue!

I feel you guys, I feel you, because at initial stage of blogging i made a few mistakes too! and here i am going to discuss few common mistakes with you people and help you out. And If you follow these steps I guarantee you will be able to Gain 1000s of followers in no time and Show How To Become Insta Famous

I will share some common mistakes that people generally do while making a profile!
What you should do and do not, tricks and tips ‘wink’

So here we go with Strategy How To Become Insta Famous and Gain 1000s of followers!

1.    Page Profile 

2.    Create Beautiful Images

3.    Posting Strategy

4.    Use of long description

5.    Hashtag is lifesaver 

6.    Follow Others

7.    Engage with others

8.    Tagging is bless

9.    Stories

10.    Whom to follow

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 1. Page Profile

How about this, when you come to a page of fashion and first you see is Profile Picture of a cartoon! And its description says ‘we sell fashion clothes’ that’s it. The whole page is filled with tons of random photos than a niche?

Would you follow that page? Obviously no!

A page profile should be professional in look, with a bright and kamal! With a creative and amazing description to attract a reader. And one thing post according to your niche, because people follow to see what you provide and not some random stuff.

2. Creative Beautiful Images

Do you like to blur photos? Or a post in which you can’t even make out whether the person is male or female? No! we won’t even glance at it. That’s why it’s important to post high-quality images and proper editing to attract viewers.


3. Posting strategy

4:00 pm Post, 2:24 am Post, 11:00 pm Post, Post! Post! Post! Post! That’s not how it works. You need to post according to the most engaging time during a day or evening to get high rich. Post during the early morning from 7- 9 am or after 5 pm when people are free from work, between 7-9 pm when people today generally use their phones. 


4. Use of long description

When you leave your caption empty while posting you lose the interest of your followers. Suppose you went to Paris and posted a picture, people tend to see what you did there or did something happened. Like you can put is what all places to went, did something unusual happened or funny story to share, this will gain you engagement as readers will comment. Never leave the caption empty.

5. Hashtags are Lifesaver!

Hashtags are the key to Instagram growth organically. Ah! Without hashtag what would have done! OH, My Hashtags You are God! Ok, that was dramatic. Instagram allows you to use a maximum of 30 hashtags per posts, then why to waste it. Using a hashtag means your feed will see to others who already follow the hashtag, which mean a huge reach. But I would recommend you to use around 25 hashtags at the max.


6.Follow Other

Ok must be thinking, ‘what are you mad’, Nah! It is likely to happen when you follow others they might visit your profile and follow you back. But do not follow anyone, follow people of your niche and with low follower list. Then the ones who still haven’t followed you back you can Unfollow them after two days. Simple is that.


7. Engage with Others

We love it when people like, comment and share our posts. The same others too! So to gain followers you can do is go into a hashtag of your niche, then start liking and commenting to them and it may happen a few of them may follow you.


8. Tagging is Bless

Believe it or not tagging helps to make the increase the post reach. Suppose you went with friends to hike and took a photo to post, you can do it write in caption what you did and say ‘this idiot friend of mine @Nicole never knows when not to be clumsy’ when you tag your post goes to your feed of your friend’s followers. Or you can tag a page with around 10k – 500k followers too!

9. Engage Through Stories

That’s basically connecting to your followers through different features provided in stories by Instagram. Like poll, question sticker, quiz, Gifs, geo tagging, account tagging. Create beautiful templates for stories. This is much better than seeing a story ‘with xyz’, soooo boring!


10. Follow your Niche

Do not follow anyone, but people related to your niche. It’s obvious a women fashion page isn’t going to follow a football fan page!  Following people of your niche helps your gain followers, like and comments more!


I will be discussing in depth how and what to do in each step to grow your Instagram account and Instagram strategies to gain more followers. 

So what are you still starring at?! Come-on go try out all this techniques to your account to become Insta Famous Now!

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Stay Tuned Lovies!


Mamta Bagrecha