You want your Instagram handle to grow that your heart and soul is invested into, you get to drown in your creativity and passion, where you can get call shots with your own damn time. You want to grow your Instagram Account but not just passion but to monetize your account, Right? Are you ready to grow followers on Instagram with posting strategy.


So let’s nail your Instagram Page With Few Instagram Posting Strategies

1. Post During Correct Time!

  • You must be thinking ‘what a time to post? Is she crazy?’ yes buddy, there is always a time to do things, like you go to school in mornings , just like that it’s according to your content and target audience to set a posting time. Trust me I have gone through lots of blogs and goggled about “what’s the best time to post on Instagram?” and ugghhh! They are so confusing! But I have come up with my solutions after trial and error methods! YAY!


  • The best time are when people are mostly engaging on their Instagram. What’s one thing we do when wake up in the morning? It’s not that hard to guess guys! It’s your cell phone. Yes we usually do is check our phones! (Gadget Addicted Generation), before sleep we do is check our phones. The best times are:
  • 7-9 am
  • 5:30-7 pm
  • 9-10 Pm ( My favorite)
  • But why those time though? Because lovies during these period people are mostly on their phones free from school, work and chores.

2. Who Is Your Target Audience?

Target what? Target audience means to whom you are serving and who are/will be benefited through you, as they are the one who will like and comment on our posts and if you have great content, bonus is it will be shared!

Now if you sell Baby products then your target audience are Moms, and then the posting time strategy of after 9 pm and in Morning won’t work because they are super busy during that time! Best time for them is in afternoon between 3-5 pm. Just like that if you are into fashion industry than your target audience is teens which are more likely active in early morning or during night. So you now decide what is your target audience is and set the posting time regularly

3. Tag Others!

Yep guys tagging! You need to tag yourself to get more reach. Also Tag other good and famous pages to get into their feed, but remember a piece of advice that is do not tag more than 3 pages, so you won’t look desperate or spamy. Tagging others help you to increase your reach thrice and get more exposure to your post, plus more profile visits.  

4. GEO- Tagging


You are doing a wonderful job Darling, then why not let the local people know about your business or work! This helps to gain attention of the business workers of your town or city to follow you and gain business opportunity, hence you can monetize your Instagram Handle! 

Let others know what adventurous  life your are living and  doing in particular area.



5. Never Miss the Hashtags

Never ever leave your caption empty, feed hashtags into it to make your post reach to more and more people and get more engagement! Instagram allows you to use 30 hashtags at the max then why not take advantage of it? 

Use at least 15 hashtags if you have low followers list and use max 25 hashtags. I will show full hashtag strategy in the next post to you through which i doubled my post reach in just a week!!!! Subscribe Now to know when published . 

6. Post Regularly

You all want your followers to stay connected and grow, well who doesn’t! So to keep growing regularly you need to post unique content daily, twice a day So that your audience gets to know you are still out there, and importantly people won’t keep following you till you are not consistent! Try to post one trending fact according to your Niche and One Original content of yours.


Now since you have some tips, try them for a month and see the results! And do give me a feedback and feel free to ask any questions any time over my Social Media Handles! 



Till then stay Tuned Guys !


Mamta Bagrecha