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Heya Beautiful people !

Welcome to Desires Unstoppable I’M Mamta Bagrecha but my loved ones call me Tammy, so can you! I am  on earth since 22 years . Hey ! not that old peep! 

I am Blogger | Website Designer | Social Media Marketer | SEO | 


Let Me tell You My Digital Marketing Journey 

I was in first year of my college  pursuing Bachelor’s in Commerce and as I always scored good (topper) ‘wink wink’ , so everyone wanted me to do was a professional course, I was like what!!!!! I said was ” ok fine ” i did around  3-4 months classes for cost management and guess what!? I never understood A THING ! so i ditched it. I didn’t even liked accounts ever! so I took was marketing as a Subject so i explored more and joined digital marketing classes and  learned heaps! and then after classes I started my own blog. Buttttttttt it didn’t worked! then . I did was step by step I started researching on it, followed a lot of bloggers and learned and made strategies.

And here i am to share my secrets with you so you guys don’t make mistakes and find a path !  



Yes! You heard me right. Since past year I was struggling with my blog and social media accounts! I always thought am I doing doings things correct? Nope!

Then I starting concentrating on one thing at a time and Baam! It worked, So now I am going to share all my blogging tips, social media marketing strategies, Techniques and tricks you people! With Amazing lists of quotes and captions for your posts and tools for enhancing your profiles!

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