Write Instagram Bio Like Pro!

instagram bio

Just Imagine you are eager to go to a candy store, ‘Queue to mouth-water’ and you have already made a big list of candy to buy and as soon as you enter the store, “WTH is this!” comes out your mouth, because inside the store you find are empty, broken and tattered shelves, with just a few old Jars of candy. Upsetting right? I feel the same when I entre few Instagram pages. Not because of their content or images but the profile and Bio, as they don’t match to what they do or serve. 

A viewer can be converted into potential follower by just looking at your profile. They look who you are, what you provide and how they are benefitted.

Things to Remember while writing INSTAGRAM BIO!


When you upload a profile picture you don’t upload not “jUST” a picture but what you are and your professionalism. Uploading selfies from beaches and parties maybe sexy but they won’t get you money.  

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